John Davis

John Davis


Known for his enthusiastic approach to leadership and endless energy, John Davis is a dynamic and resourceful leader with a track record of successfully developing Keller Williams market centers into thriving businesses.
His ability to successfully manage a large real estate organization was apparent early on when he turned the Southlake-DFW market center into one of the most profitable offices in the Keller Williams system. During that time, John also perfected his skills in attracting and developing talented real estate agents, and by 2008 had successfully transitioned to owner (operating principal), investor, regional operating principal and regional director, covering a total of seven market centers and three regions.

In each of his roles, John has been instrumental in assisting and consulting with Keller Williams leadership teams, using his experience in the real estate brokerage business to drive growth among across the Keller Williams system.

Since 2012, Davis has led the Keller Williams Growth Initiative, a companywide recruiting and accountability program that has fueled historic agent count, productivity and profitability gains. He has also led the Keller Williams regions. Together, they've helped Keller Williams become the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world. Davis was named president of Keller Williams in 2015.

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