KW Leadership

  • Gary Keller

    Gary Keller

    Gary Keller Co-founder and Chairman of the Board As Chairman of the board for Keller Williams Realty, Gary Keller helps...

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  • Mo Anderson

    Mo Anderson

    Mo Anderson Vice Chairman Known at times as the "Velvet Hammer" for her uncompromising approach, Mo Anderson's business skills and...

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  • Mark Willis

    Mark Willis

    Mark Willis Member, Board of Directors Recognized industry-wide as a person of influence, Mark Willis is renowned for his passion,...

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  • Mary Tennant

    Mary Tennant

    Mary Tennant Member, Board of Directors As a Keller Williams leader, Mary helps define the mission and vision for the...

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  • Chris Heller

    Chris Heller

    Chris Heller CEO Chris's determination, relationship-building skills and extreme success in real estate make him an ideal leader for a...

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  • John Davis

    John Davis

    John Davis President Known for his enthusiastic approach to leadership and endless energy, John Davis is a dynamic and resourceful...

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  • Dianna Kokoszka

    Dianna Kokoszka

    Dianna Kokoszka CEO of KW MAPS As chief executive officer of KW MAPS (Mega Achievement Productivity Systems), Dianna Kokoszka's got...

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  • Jim Talbot

    Jim Talbot

    Jim Talbot Chief Operating Officer As COO of Keller Williams Realty, Jim's hope for the future of real estate is...

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  • Ann Yett

    Ann Yett

    Ann Yett Chief Financial Officer Ann's ability to see the big picture while keeping track of the details is what's...

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  • Kathy Neu

    Kathy Neu

    Kathy Neu Executive Director of KW Cares and President of Luxury Homes Kathy got into real estate to work with...

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  • Sharon Gibbons

    Sharon Gibbons

    Sharon Gibbons Vice President of the MCA Division Sharon's superpowered abilities to streamline processes and bring out the leader in...

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  • Ellen Curtis

    Ellen Curtis

    Ellen Curtis Vice President of Operations at KW Worldwide Winning excites Ellen, which is what makes her the perfect vice...

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